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Polished Concrete

Concrete polishing transforms ordinary concrete into a beautiful, glossy, easy-to-clean, environmentally-friendly surface. The concrete is actually hardened and densified, making your concrete six to 10 times harder than the original substrate; so its long-term finish resists wear, adding years of life to your floor.




Our polishing system uses a proprietary blend of diamonds for concrete surface preparation and polishing. This system has been time tested for the last several years with millions of square feet completed worldwide (using a technique that has evolved considerably over the past few years).


Our polishing systems’ unique, patented, diamond tooling offers a higher gloss finish on any concrete surface and will outperform other systems. It will virtually eliminate surface dusting and the marks made by forklifts, and it will also cut down the cost of maintenance by being virtually maintenance free.
Our polishing system is a green product that will reward your project with a higher number of LEED Certification points when specified as a finished floor.
Another advantage of our polishing system is the ability to provide a highly polished terrazzo floor through the removal of the first few millimeters of the concrete surface and exposing the aggregate for decorative results. It is now possible to have a highly polished floor without the use of heavy acrylics/wax that scuff, mark, and require high maintenance.


Polished concrete shines to a smooth, glass-like finish that actually appears almost wet.




Our polishing system is the most innovative, cutting-edge, cost-effective, and advantageous solution for reconditioning and remodeling your floor. The choices are many! They range from the most economical option, the Green-X system, to the high-end yet still inexpensive, 3000 system. Our systems offer every option to cover your every need and budget.




This system offers the perfect polish solution, and it is the epitome of a lustrous floor, with a “mirror-like” look. With a state-of-the-art process involving metal bonds, 100 percent pure phenolic resins, and the highest possible grit burnishing “Roll-X” pads, you will obtain that most desired gloss, which will reflect even the light bulb filaments!




Similar to the 3000 system, the 800 option is a very promising solution for that beautiful, aesthetic gloss people desire. With this system, you’ll be able to see the light fixtures and bulbs reflecting off your floor; it is that shiny!




This system solution introduces the resin copper pad system. This unique formulation of phenolic resin and copper removes tool marks much more effectively than a standard phenolic resin, giving the floor a beautiful, elegant, and casual matte finish.

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